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What to Wear for a Date Night as a Nigerian Lady

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  • Post published:March 16, 2021
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Most ladies become confused whenever they are asked out to a date of what becomes appropriate to wear. They spend a lot of time in their room making choices of clothes and rejecting those choices. Before they go out on a date it becomes a serious problem on what to wear for a date night as a Nigerian lady.


Why do you have to be confused on what to wear to a date night when we can help you make the perfect decision?


Do you want to make this coming date night unforgettable for you? Or you want to him to call you back again and again? Do you know your decision on what you are to wear or put on determines the outcome of your date night in a great way?


What you choose to wear to a date night, especially on the first date night, in a good way affects the progress of that relationship. The first impression they say matters a lot. If you don’t impress on that first date night, then it would be hard to make the man sway in his decision and opinion of you.


Clothes to Wear for a Date Night as a Nigerian Lady


There is a wide range of clothes you can pick from in your desire to look good on your date night. It is your choice then to pick the one that suits your body type and colour. You have to look good to see your date, because this affects the outcome of the date night and the length of the relationship.


  1. Gowns/ Dinner Dress: On our number one is gown and dinner dress. This is should be the foremost dress type in your mind as you are about to make that decision to go on a date and make it memorable and productive. There are different gowns and dinner dress fo0r different skin tones and sizes. Dinner dress would look pretty dazzling on you and would make the man continuously look at you and admire you.


Do you want the man to compliment you and make great remarks on how you look? Then we think you should be making decision on choosing dinner dress of the right fit and colour for you. The best dinner dress to choose is the one that laps to your body shape and makes you look dazzling. A good high heeled shoes would go along with this.


  1. Jeans and Navel Revealing Top: This is another good clothes choice to make for your date night. This clothes choice is best if you are slim, have a good navel and the weather is favourable. The jeans trousers should be tight and reveal your true shape. The top should go halfway to reveal your navel, and avoid the ones you tie, just get the natural tops that you don’t have to tie. A good boot shoes or look alike boot shoes should go with this dressing.





  1. Jacket on a T-Shirt and Trousers: In terms of a cold night, this should be the right fit. A T-shirt, a jacket and trousers. You can also wear a wool hat that will go along with the colour of the T-shirt and hand gloves in case of extreme cold. This clothes would cover you and would not spoil your attractiveness on your date night. For this dressing, you can wear suitable cans and canvas.


  1. Fitted Skirt and Blouse: Do you know you can also wear a skirt to a date night? However, the skirt has to be fitted to your body and reveal your good shape. It is not necessary that the skirt is short; it can be at knee length, but it’s important it laps to your body. Wear a fitting blouse to go along with it and a set of good high heeled shoes. If you wear this dressing, then it is important you mind the way you work as it determines how you look, too.


  1. Sleeveless Gown or Sleeveless Top with Trousers or Skirts: Is the time of this date night fixed on a hot night, then it won’t be bad to go on a sleeveless dress or top. The perfect one is the one with no sleeves at all, but this does not mean you have to let your cleavages show in unnecessary manners and ways. When you are uncertain of the nature and attitude of the man, it is important you keep everything low. Depending on the religious nature of the man, the choice of this dressing should be praised by him.


For this dressing, it goes well with moderate looking boots, boot-like shoes or high heeled shoes.


Making the right choice of dresses to wear for that date night will influence the outcome in a great way. It’s up to you to make the right decisions and look good to keep him coming and calling. He would never keep you out of his mind.



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