What colours of clothes do you wear to events in Nigeria?

What Colours Should You Wear for that Event and Place in Nigeria?


Many Nigerians don’t know that there are different colours one should wear for an event or in any occasion they are going to. If they are going out, they simply get the clean cloth and put on their bodies, but this is not right. A person should check the place he or she is going to and what motive before they choose what colours they should wear for that event in Nigeria.


One of the major question to hit the mind of a Nigerian while he or she prepares to go out should be what colours should I wear? Aside choosing the right kind of clothes for yourself, choosing the right colour is also important. Different colours suit different purposes and occasions.


Colours to Wear and their Meaning


According to Psychologists, colours play good roles in affecting your psychology, your mind, and it also plays a role in the success of your activities for that day. Colours affect your emotion and propels you to perform some actions and duties. Colours are so important that they can make or mar your potentials and your ability to deliver on your job duties.


Therefore, according to these psychologists, these colours connects to this emotions, actions and behaviour, and they are averagely accurate.


  1. Blue connects to Loyalty, Stability, Tranquility
  2. Red     –     Passion, Aggression, Intense
  3. Yellow  –     Happiness, Optimism, Youth
  4. Green   –     Healing, Success, Hope
  5. Black   –     Power, Mystery, Professional
  6. Purple   –    Royalty, Spirituality, Luxury
  7. Brown  –     Stability, Natural, Reliability
  8. White   –    Purity, Cleanliness, Innocence
  9. Ash     –    Neutral, Practical, Quiet


These colours and the emotions captured are averagely accurate and would affect how your day turn out. Anywhere you want to head to or any event you intend to attend, it is important you make the right choice of colour for that place. One, so you’d fit in to the place and event. Second, this is to influence your emotions and turn out of the events of that day. These factors are part of what would make your day turn out well or not.


Colours of Clothes to Wear to Certain Places and Events in Nigeria

  1. Party/Date/Dinner         – Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple
  2. Work/Interview            – Black, Brown, Ash, Blue
  3. Church/Religious Gatherings  – White, Green, Yellow, Blue
  4. Business/Contract Meetings  – Black, Ash, Brown, White, Purple
  5. Shows/ Public Appearance   – Purple, Black, Red
  6. Shopping                 – Black, Brown, Blue, Ash
  7. Outing/Excursion/Vacation   – Yellow, Red, Blue, Purple


This process and procedure presented will direct you on the right fashion choice to make. The colours of the clothes you wear to a place is very vital in determining the outcome. You have to make the right colour choices for your clothes while going out to have a productive day.



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