Clothes to wear in harmattan
Clothes to wear in Harmattan

Clothes to Wear during Harmattan in Nigeria

Harmattan comes with a lot of new scent in the air and expectations. There is this sudden coldness, dryness, that comes with harmattan. These features of harmattan and more can make someone become worried of what to wear. How do you know the clothes to wear during harmattan in Nigeria? What clothes do you wear to keep yourself protected from the harsh weather of the harmattan?

In this post, we’ll be treating the clothes and dresses you can wear during harmattan to protect yourself, your skin, and on top of it all, to look great. What’s the secret of these people who look awesome during harmattan? We’ve it here for you. Their secret is nothing much other than their choice of clothes and a few other things.

Choose Good Clothes during Harmattan in Nigeria
Once you feel the weather changing. The air getting drier than usual, the rain receding, the sun getting too hot like it is about to fall. Then, I think it’s about the right time you made decisions for clothes and fashion change to be in tune with the weather change.

You don’t want the harmattan to turn your delicate skin into dry scales, or perhaps, give the surface of your skin a different sheen. In these situations, you should always be ready for what is to come.

The big question then is what clothes should I wear during harmattan in Nigeria?

1.Long sleeve Shirts
Your top choice of clothes during this period should be long sleeve shirts. Your choice of long sleeve shirts should be made between November and February when the harmattan breeze is still fierce, coming from the north. These shirts are to cover up your skin from the dry weather. To prevent your skin from losing its moistness.

2.Slightly Loose Trousers
Whether you’re a male or female, you should consider making the decision of shopping for a slightly loose trouser during harmattan. These loose trousers cover the skin of your legs and does not make you feel uncomfortable in it. The tighter the trouser is, the more the heat and the lack of comfort. As a lady, you should consider putting on more of corporate trousers and fashionable loose ones to prevent heat and keep your skin smooth.

3.Sweaters and Jackets
One aspect of harmattan Nigerians are more familiar with is the cold that comes with it. This is most likely the time you should consider getting a sweater or heavy jackets. While getting these, do your best to avoid getting the black one. Black as a colour attracts heat and you won’t want to feel uncomfortable if the sun gets too hot. You may not be in a comfortable position to remove the jacket, so choose the type of jacket and the colour wisely.

4.Cover Shoes and Cans
There is no best time to wear cover shoes and cans if not during the harmattan. As a Nigerian, wearing cover shoes and cans should be your topmost decision during the harmattan. You shouldn’t make the mistake of making sandals or flat and open foot wears your choice during harmattan. It’s not a good decision, and it can be a dangerous decision as well. Being on flat open foot wear or sandals will make the sole of your feet dry and caked like scales.

5.Long Gowns
There’s no better time to get long gowns other than during harmattan. As a lady, you don’t have to wait for maternity period and when you’re pregnant to get long gowns. Annually, you should shop for long gowns enough to keep you covered from the harshness of the sun and that of harmattan. Harmattan is certainly not the best time to leave some parts of your legs or hands exposed. The weather will dry you up and make your skin unattractive.

6.Hats and Sun Glasses
The harmattan will also make you get hats and sun glasses. The hats should keep you covered from the sun, and so should the sun glasses. The sun glasses will also cover your eyes from the floating sand and the dryness. It’s important you get these. And if you feel uncomfortable getting hats, you can get a face cap instead.

These are the clothes to choose to wear during harmattan in Nigeria. It’s pertinent you make the right decisions and guide yourself towards a healthy harmattan season in Nigeria. While others hide themselves from the harsh harmattan, you glow and you slay.

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Thank you.