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Dress to Ace that Interview: How to Dress for an Interview in Nigeria

How do you dress for an interview in Nigeria is one of the foremost questions a Nigerian job seeker usually asks. It is a fact that there are too little jobs to go around in Nigeria, and so, the little ones that come are competitive to the last. As a Nigerian job applicant, you’d be more concerned about how you’re to beat other applicants to the position you’re applying for.


The BIG question becomes how do I dress for an interview in Nigeria?


Many factors can disqualify a job applicant, or reduce the mark of that applicant at the interview, and fashion is one of those factors that can greatly limit a job applicant. On that day of your interview in Nigeria, you should be careful of what you wear and how you dress to eliminate or reduce the risk of losing that job.


What to Wear for an Interview in Nigeria


It’s no news that the consensus dress code for interviews in Nigeria is corporate trousers, shirts, shoes and suits. However, we’ll advise that you don’t overdress for an interview, overdressing may turn out to be devastating for you. It’s not necessary you wear suit on a burning morning to an interview, because you’ll sweat and look haggard before you get there. It’s also not necessary to plait extravagant or easily noticeable hair. For an interview, you just have to look smart and not too extravagant.


To prepare for an interview, you can wear these:


  1. Corporate Trousers, well ironed.
  2. Shirts.
  3. Skirts. These shouldn’t be too long or too short.
  4. Gowns. They shouldn’t be too long or too short, too. They should be fitting to the body as such that your shape would be in view.



  1. Ties. It’s necessary that you don’t go there with a bow tie.
  2. Leather shoes. Do not wear sneakers, swed shoes and other non-leather shoes to an interview. It’s a no, no, no, for the HR recruiting.

For ladies, wear flat or moderate high heels that you’d be comfortable walking in. For gentlemen, wear good average sized shoes; do not wear large looking shoes or ones with meaningless and flashy designs.

  1. For accessories, get a modest watch with leather hands, get a medium sized handbag or purse and avoid to go with sunshades, flashy necklaces, piercings or double earrings.


The Aspect of your Dressing that would Matter in a Nigerian Interview as a Lady


  1. Hair: What kind of hair did you wear to the interview? Most recruiters when they see an applicant, what they notice first is the hair. They tend to look from below to the head, but the nature and look of the head matters more to them. They ask what kind of hair did you do? Does it suit your face? Does it suit the dress you’re putting on.


So, as a lady going for an interview in Nigeria, be careful of your decision of hair. The colour. The type. The nature of the dress you’d put on. Will it match with your shoes? These are the questions you should be asking. Make the right choice and endeavour to, at least, re-touch the hair and cream it if it’s an old hair and you don’t have the money.


Avoid blue, red, green, pink and other easily noticeable colours for your hair attachment. We recommend black or brown depending on the colour of your skin and what you wish to wear.


  1. Shoes: The first thing most recruiters notice when they see an applicant coming is the shoes. The shoes make the first noise as you walk in to an interview, so they tend to look at it, first. We aren’t advising that you should get a high heel shoe to make all the noise. Just get a good shoe, smart, clean and attractive shoe that would capture the eyes of the interviewers. Wear either flat or high heeled, but make sure they cover reasonable parts of your feet.


Choose the colour of your shoes based on the colour of your skin and what you wear.




  1. Make Up: For an interview, you should wear a moderate make up. You shouldn’t apply make up excessively to mess up your chances of making that interview a success. You can ignore fixing eye lashes or applying make up on your eyelids. Simply, apply the basic make up and use a moderate lipstick.


  1. Colour of the Fashion: You should make the right decision on the colours of your clothes and other stuff you’re to wear. The first rule is that you shouldn’t wear loud colours. You can’t be going for an interview, for instance, and wear a red suit. Red gown is a good a bit, but it’s advisable to wear corporate looking colours like brown, ash, black and white. White is even the least choice you can make.


  1. Accessories: Going for an interview? Then, you won’t be needing two set of earrings. You won’t be needing bangles. You won’t be needing excess necklace. Simply, an earring is all right, a smart leather watch is also all right. Your accessories as well as your clothes should be smart, simple and professional.


Making it through that interview you’re preparing for is not rocket science. You can make it and be called shortly afterwards. It doesn’t take time to become what you want to be.


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Thank you.